I have been bombarded with e mails, calls and texts about cecil the lion , I have seen many of the newsreels and I have spoken to several people who are truly in the know …some of the reporting is atrocious – here are the facts as I see them . 1- The lion was […]

Anti-Poaching for 2014 season

Bicycle tracks were followed into Coutada 12. Bicycles are a favored method of collecting meat from the poachers. We were able to follow the tracks right into the poachers camp near to Sengwe pan. The poachers had dug a water hole to concentrate the game into their snare lines. A large amount of meat was recovered as well as snares and gun trips. Unfortunately the poachers must have herd the unit coming in as they had fled their camp.

Anti-Poaching WORKS!

We all know that, in so many areas, ivory poaching is worse now than since the dark days of the 1980s. It’s also true that, after decades of successful management in southern Africa, both black and white rhinos are facing a new crisis from commercial poaching. In spite of these headline-gatherers, I believe the two […]

Anti-Poaching by Mark Haldane

When I started in the Delta in 1994, the area had game but it wasn’t plentiful. While the war had decimated the larger animals, the smaller animals were saved as the local population had moved into the towns for safety. Animals like Livingston’s Suni, Red Duiker & Reedbuck were pretty common. The larger animals, Nyala, […]

Mozambique’s Coutada 11: A Model For Hunter-Based Conservation

There are those that believe sport hunting has caused great declines in Africa’s wild game populations. But the success of Mark Haldane and his team in Mozambique shows that this simply isn’t true. (Brad Fitzpatrick)In 1994, professional hunter Mark Haldane arrived in coastal Mozambique and found the region decimated. Once robust game populations had been […]