When I started in the Delta in 1994, the area had game but it wasn’t plentiful. While the war had decimated the larger animals, the smaller animals were saved as the local population had moved into the towns for safety. Animals like Livingston’s Suni, Red Duiker & Reedbuck were pretty common.

The larger animals, Nyala, Sable, Lichtenstein’s Hartebeest, Waterbuck, Eland & Zebra were in bad shape.

The delta buffalo count was down to 1200. During the war, the larger game was plundered by the military on both sides. Unconfirmed stories of Russian gunships shooting herds of buffalo and slinging them out to canning ships are common, whether true or not I cannot say. However one way or another, the buffalo numbers went from 45 000 prior to the war in the early 1970’s down to 1200 in 1994. The waterbuck from 80 000 down to about 2500.

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